Azim Premji’s investment in Mordana, a Corona drug maker


Bengaluru: The country’s largest donor and founder chairman of Wipro, Azim Premji, is invested in American biotech company Moderna. Sources have given this information.

This company has created a corona vaccine. It has been tried on humans. There are two stages of the human trial of this medicine.

This investment has been made through PremGinvest. It is the private investment arm of Azim Premji. It manages billions of dollars of assets. It is one of the largest family offices in India.

Sources say that through the Premji Invest, an investment of 2 to 30 million dollars has been made in this American company. This investment took place a few years ago. This fund of Premji had sold some of his stake, still some remains.

A person familiar with Premji’s investment told ET Now, “Premji Investment monitors firms operating in the low-cost immunity, care and distribution sectors.


It has invested in 5 such companies in the US. They have a whole team looking at this area. This investment was made by their Boston team at Moderna. The Boston team has a lot of technical expertise in this area. ”

Moderna Inc, a Massachusetts-based company, is currently working on a drug called mRNA-1273. Two drug trials have been done.

Success has been achieved in both. Now a third trial is going to be held from July, the result of which can be done by the end of 2020.

Currently, no vaccine of this company, which works for drug research and development of new drugs, is allowed to be used independently on any human being.


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