Maharashtra: 51 policemen Corona positive in last 24 hours, 19 deaths so far


So far, 51 policemen have been infected in the past 24 hours due to Coronavirus infection in Maharashtra (Maharshtra).


Mumbai. Policemen in Maharashtra (Maharshtra) are constantly falling prey to the Coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, 51 policemen were found to be Corona positive. So far, more than 1717 policemen have been infected in the state. So far 19 policemen have died due to infection. Of the 51 policemen, this includes 11 police officers and 40 police personnel.


On Saturday, 12 policemen from the same police station were found corona positive. This case is of Oshiwara Police Station. In the last one week, a total of more than 700 policemen have become Corona positive, which is the biggest figure of a week till date.


A week’s situation

According to the latest data released by the Maharashtra Police, in the last two days, 340 policemen have been found to be Corona positive, comprising 52 police officers and 278 police personnel. According to the data, in the last one week, 686 policemen have been corona positive in the entire state, while 8 policemen have died during this period.



However, in this case top police officials are claiming that all necessary steps are being taken, but this is only on paper, the ground reality is completely different from that.

Mumbai Police spokesperson Pranay Ashok said that for the safety of the policemen, they are being given PPE kit, face shield, mask, sanitizer and immunity enhancing pills. An order has been issued to police personnel over the age of 55 to stay at home. Apart from this, the helpline number has also been released.


Number of infected in the state crosses 50 thousand

By Monday morning, the number of corona patients in Maharashtra has reached 50231. Out of which 33988 are active cases. While 1635 people have died due to this dangerous virus so far. Of these, only Mumbai has more than 30 thousand cases.

Apart from this, there have been about one thousand deaths in Mumbai itself. At the same time, 27 new COVID19 positive cases have been found in Dharavi area of ​​Mumbai, 2 people also died. The total cases in Dharavi have now increased to 1541. The number of Kovid-19 patients in Mumbai is doubling in a span of 14 days.


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