PM Modi Roundtable with Global Investors


PM Modi Roundtable Global InvestorPM Modi on the virtual Roundtable with Global Investors there was  India’s Bussiness tycons  Mukesh Amban ( RIL Chairman), Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani, Deepak Perekh, Uday Kotak      and 20 worlds largest Pension and Institutional investors from  US,Canada,Korea,Japan,Singapore had taken part. It is an exclusive dialogues between leading Global Institutional Investors, Indian bussiness leader and highest decision makers.


Virtual Global Investor Roundtable (VGIR) 2020 focused on India’s economy and investment outlook,structural reforms and PM Modi’s target of 5 Trillion economy.

PM Modi on the Roundtable with Global Investors addressed that India is the best place for long term Investment. This virtual meet with PM Modi can accelerate the global investors to take part in the development of growing India.

In this Roundtable PM Modi says, “India is the best place to generate long term returns as country has on of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world.If you want return with reliability, if you want demand with democracy,if you want stability with sustainability, if you want growth with green approach, then India is the country to invest and trust.”

PM Modi explained the ambitious Master Plan to invest USD 1.5 Trillion under the national infr astructure pipeline. We pioneering multi model connectivity infrastructure,building millions of offerdable houses for middle class peoples, strengthening financial market, comprehensive banking sector reforms.


PM Modi continues that India offers democracy,demography,demand as well as diversity. Diversity helps to multiply markets with in the one market. These come with multiple pocket sizes and multiple preferences. These comes with multiple weathers and multiple levels of development. The country has the potential to surplus global economy. Any achievement by India will have a multiplier impact on world’s economy.


PM Modi in the Global Investor Roundtable explains the India’s pharse meaning of “AATAM NIRBHAR BHARAT”, said that it is just not the vision but a well planned economic strategy. This strategy is to use capability of our business and skills of our workers to make an India the global manufacturing power house, to use our strength in technology to become global center for innovations. The strategy aims to contribute to global development using our immense human resources and their talent.

PM Modi emphasis that our approach of finding long term and sustainable solutions for issues. Such an approach mixes very well with your requirement. Our Govt. has taken many initiatives to improve our manufacturing potentials. We assured in one nation,one tax system that is GST.

The foreign investors that has taken part in the Global Roundtable Investors meet has the total assests under management of about USD 6 Trillions. This Global Roundtable was organised by Ministry of Finance of India and the Natinal Investment and Infrastructure Fund.





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