The government said, the corona could have caused 37000 to 78000 deaths if the lockdown had not happened.


New Delhi: The government has said that if there was no lockdown, then 37000 to 78000 people could have died in the country from Corona. In response to the question raised on lockdown in some circles, the government said this on Friday.

The government introduced several models and told that a large number of people could be killed due to corona infection.


Presenting an analysis of the first two phases of the lockdown, Dr. VK Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog, said that the ban put a stop to the rapidly growing pace of Corona. He said, “On April 3, 22.6 per cent of the cases were being reported every day.

The pace of infection was very fast then. But since April 4, it has clearly slowed down. Now it has come down to 5.5 per cent.” The lockdown was imposed in the country on 25 May.


Paul also said that along with slowing down the pace of Corona infection, the lockdown gave the government time to arrange the necessary resources and basic health facilities to treat the infected people.


The government prepared a strategy for increasing the container supply as well as for the container areas. The government intensified efforts for a potential vaccine and increased the focus on research.


Praveen Srivastava, Secretary (Planning and Program Implementation) in the Ministry of Statistics, explained the situation that could have arisen from not imposing lockdown.

He spoke with the help of models from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Public Health Foundation of India and independent economists and researchers. The BCG believes that the lockdown helped prevent 36 to 70 lakh cases and 1.2 to 2.1 lakh deaths in the country.


According to an estimate by the Public Health Foundation of India, the corona infection from lockdown helped prevent 78,000 people from being killed in the country. Two independent economists have also made similar estimates.


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